Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is a procedure which will tattoo, using a medical grade pigment, your desired look into the dermal layer of the skin and will generally last between 12-18 months, depending on several factors such as age, lifestyle etc. After this period it is recommended to have a top-up to keep it looking fresh and vibrant.

You will sit down with your Finishing Touches trained technician and have a thorough consultation regarding all aspects of what will be involved from start to finish and this is where you will decide on the colour, look, style etc of your chosen procedure. Finishing Touches is one of the leading providers of training for semi permanent makeup Essex so you can relax in the knowledge that your technician will be able to help you make an informed decision as to what will be best suited for your individual needs, answering any questions you may have.

Remember, this is an important decision so make sure you are completely comfortable with what you have been offered and advised.


Semi permanent eyebrows, or brow tattoo, can re-shape, re-style or completely overhaul tired and sparse existing brows using different techniques, including ultra fine NANO hair strokes. This gives you the choice to achieve the look you have always wanted with the professional guidance of your qualified technician. Semi permanent eyebrows can accentuate and frame your eyes so it is important to get right. Whatever style you choose we will help you make an informed decision.


Choosing semi permanent eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger, brighter and define the shape. There are several options ranging from a subtle to full line, winged tips and more. You can choose to have the top or bottom or both together to achieve your desired look.


Who doesn’t love full lips. With semi permanent lip liner or semi permanent lip blush you can enhance , redefine and add volume to your own or re-shape and correct areas you are not happy with. A vast range of colours and shades enables you to achieve the pout you have always dreamed of with lip tattoo.